Tea drinking friend in person Top Tea drinking friends, enjoy talking about hobbies, lessons, and travels you have visited while drinking tea Why don’t you make fun conversations and encounters with many people? This is a group that was created with the desire to make many tea-drinking friends. Make a variety of tea-drinking friends and have a lively conversation.

This is a style that has never been seen before with a new style introduction method.

We are available all over the United States, so our staff will make adjustments so that we can meet you at the designated location.
Introductory set guarantee type (staff correspond to each member)
The cost will be paid (advance payment) after the set is decided.

How is your daily life?

★I’ve been busy with work and life, so I haven’t been able to talk to my friends much lately.
★There are no new tea-drinking friends or encounters in everyday life.
★Since I broke up with my spouse, I have lost a lot of people to talk to.
★I felt that my circle of friends was narrowing.
I want to increase the number of friends who have hobbies I want to meet again!
★I want a companion to travel with
★Once in a while, I want to go out drinking with someone and have fun.
★I want you to listen to various stories.
★Anyway, I have too much time alone.
★I want to socialize while drinking beer, wine, sake, tea, etc.

1.The staff will coordinate the schedule and location with your partner and introduce you one-on-one.
We are introducing registered members.
We strictly protect the privacy of our members.
3.We are introducing a lot of tea drinking friends.
I will meet you like a casual tea drinking friend, so the conversation will be lively. Tea drinking friends target people in a wide range of generations, including young people in their 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s.
4.We are available all over the United States, so we can meet you at a local introduction place.
Support tea drinking friends from 30’s to middle aged (senior / mature)!  Please call us first to register.
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We will adjust the referral after registration, so please register now.